Facebook and Rainbows

Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long.  2009 was a year of progress and transition for me in many ways and I’m excited to say that I’ve got lots of new music brewing as we plunge into 2010 here….I’m hoping to start rolling tape (or ‘roiling computer’, as it goes in the digital age I guess…) for some new songs in the coming months!

The rapid ascent of social-networking culture has admittedly left me a bit stunned and shy. Despite the sometimes grandiose, dramatic nature of my music, I have discovered that I am, at my core, a bit of a wallflower, introvert, demure lady in corner etc….so I’ve been slow to step up on the platform and reveal ‘public emily’s mealtime habits!’  But I’m taking some baby steps and I do now have a Facebook “Fan Page”, if not a personal page, at this time.

I’d be honored to have you all join in, so please check it out here:


Otherwise (this is my best attempt at a tweet), the weather was pretty astounding today out here in Northern CA.   Went to pick up my son from school at 4pm in a downpour of hail and horizontal rain (cars moving at 5mph) and on the way home we were treated to a spectacular sun-break and a double rainbow hanging out right over my neighborhood in North Oakland!

The two 12 year-olds in my car immediately started discussing that famous ice-cream brand while I tried unsuccessfully to steer the conversation into “do you guys know those colors represent the vibrational frequency spectrum of light!?! And that last Radiohead album….did you hear that TY really has synesthesia?!”  Ah to be 12 years old again and craving chocolate fudge brownie rather than transcendence……

Anyway, thanks for listening and for warmly encouraging my musical explorations all these years.  I hope the double rainbow that I saw today portends a good year for everyone, and may it bring some solace and relief for the people of Haiti, who have endured more tragedy than anyone in the modern world should have to bear.

I wish everyone all the best for this new decade!